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May Your Kingdom Come

Pastor Eric Groot-Nibbelink
Matt.6:10, also Mark 1.14-15, Matthew 11:2-6
Worship Guide for January 24, 2021 Bethel CR Church, London, ON

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      1.     The Opening, Greeting and Prayer:
      2.     Prayer  
      3.     Song: “Christ Be Our Light” (Jocelyn Stevens)

    4.     Bible Readings: Matt.6:10, also Mark 1.14-15, Matthew 11:2-6  (read together or on your own)

       5.     The Message, Prayer and Blessing:

      6.     Closing Song: Thy Kingdom Come

Questions to Ponder this week or discuss with a friend.*

1.     As you begin say this prayer aloud:  “Lord, as I (or ‘we’) study this passage, lead me, guide me, and enlighten me by your Holy Spirit.  Help me surrender my heart to you so that I will not use this Word for my purposes but be shaped by it for your purposes.  In Jesus name, Amen.”

2.      A.THE WEEKLY CHECK-IN: What are you learning about yourself and life during this pandemic? (Anything new to add this week?)

3.     What are some challenges you or some one else might face in praying ‘your kingdom come?’

4.     List some ways in which you can live into the praying of this line in the Lord’s Prayer?

5.     How might someone find the illustration of D-Day and V-E Day helpful?

6.    Read the interpretation of this petition given in the Heidelberg Catechism (written in 1562).  What does it add to your understanding? 

123 Q.  What does the second request mean?

    A.  "Your kingdom come" means,

       Rule us by your Word and Spirit in such a way that more and more we submit to you.  
       Keep your church strong, and add to it.
       Destroy the devil's work;
       destroy every force which revolts against you
       and every conspiracy against your Word.
       Do this until your kingdom is so complete and perfect that in it you are all in all.



...devote yourself to the public reading of Scripture, to preaching and to teaching. 1 Timothy 4:13