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“Uproar?” - April 7, 2020

“Nations are in an uproar.” Psalm 46:6

Nations are in an uproar.  That simple line in Psalm 46 works as a fitting description of what nations around the world face in this COVID-19 pandemic.  As of this writing, the United Kingdom is in an uproar as their prime minister personally struggles to overcome COVID-19, having been admitted to hospital and then moved to the intensive care unit.  We have witnessed “uproar” in China, Italy, Spain, Brazil, the United States, the continent of Africa and of course within our own nation.  Uproar, essentially everywhere. 

Uproar in Psalm 46 is not so much an image communicating noise as it is an image that communicates a devastating upheaval and chaos in which the basics of life itself are threatened.  We confess that God created everything good in the beginning but with this current COVID-19 uproar it feels like things are beginning to be “uncreated.”  So much of life looks like it is coming apart.

Psalm 46 is a poem so many have turned to in times of trouble because it honestly faces the uproar but looks beyond it to the God it names as our Rock and our Refuge.  It looks to the one who says, “Be still and know that I am God.” (v.10) 

Beyond the trouble is a deep trust in a God who is with us and promises to fortify and strengthen people. (verses 4-5).  That same stillness comes to us beyond the storms as Jesus stands up in our boat and says, “Peace be still.”  He is with us.

As we journey toward Easter this week, we look to the Risen Lord Jesus who left the tomb empty, overcoming all the uproar of death and darkness.

PRAYER ENCOURAGEMENT:  Dear God, help us to hear your voice.  Help us to trust your voice, knowing that you are God.  Help us to recognize and trust you as our rock and our refuge.  Help us to hear the voice of Jesus, the Prince of Peace say, come to me and rest.  Especially this Sunday help us celebrate with great joy the ultimate defeat of “uproar” through the empty tomb.  Amen.