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“Take It To…” - January 6, 2021

 Instead, I have called you friends...  John 15:15                                                                                                

It is always good to revisit the themes that give us strength and hope.  Certainly, one theme worth repeating is the knowledge that Jesus Christ is not an enemy but a friend.  It is God himself in Christ who reaches out to us and gives us our identity, one that Jesus fills in with the word ‘friend.’  Jesus reassures us, ‘you are my friend.’

It is important to note the initiating love of God.  His love reaches us out to us first.  But it is also important to note that this love invites us to reach back to God, whatever our search or need.  If we are searching for direction in aligning ourselves with God’s coming kingdom and will or whether we are desperate and in need, the loving friendship of Jesus invites us to reach back to him. 

In our present Sunday message series on the Lord’s prayer, we are being encouraged to reach out in any and all circumstances to our friend, Jesus.

 Today’s song Take it to the Lord in Prayer is offered by Aeolians of Oakwood University  …