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Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths.  Psalm 25:4                                                                                                                                                                                  

What has been your most common prayer during this pandemic?  No doubt, many of us have prayed some version of what the writer Ann Lamott refers to as the first of the three main prayers people pray, “Help, Thanks, Wow!”  We have prayed to for God to help us stay safe, help us rid the world of the virus, help us and our loved ones who have been directly or indirectly victimized by this pandemic in some manner.

But maybe a secondary but also common prayer for many of us can be found in what the poet asks of God in verse 4 of Psalm 25, ‘Lord, show me your ways.’  In the weariness and maybe even the fog of these days, we are looking for ways to make the best of our restricted lives.  Whether we are deciding small matters concerning the details of day to day life or making larger life direction decisions, we are praying for guidance, to be shown a way forward.

As followers of Jesus we know that He describes himself as “the Way.” (John 14:6)  Early Christians were known as followers of “the Way.” (Acts 9:2) All of our direction-seeking prayers begin with the simple but foundational move of turning to Jesus Christ and listening to his voice.  “Come to me…” says Jesus in Matthew 11:28 as he invites us into a better way.

Whatever prayer we might need to offer this day, let’s begin it by tuning our hearts to Jesus who leads and accompanies us in every way and every circumstance. 

‘Lord show me the way…’ is a line from the well-known song “Down to the River to Pray” offered by singer Alison Krauss.  The origin of the song is disputed but the best research seems to suggest that it was written by an African-American slave.