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“Meet, Kiss” - June 3, 2020

 “Love and faithfulness meet together;

    righteousness and peace kiss each other.”

Psalm 85:10

During this pandemic and out of necessity, we have practiced and reflected on the art of waiting.  We wait for restrictions to be lifted, even a little.  We wait for our turn to enter into the grocery store.  We imagine being done with waiting and having the freedom to go see and embrace people we love.  With waiting there is anticipation.

In Psalm 85 we can see and hear the poet wait, lament and plead with God.  He prays, “Restore us again, O God our Saviour.” (v.4)  He asks “Will you not revive us again that your people may rejoice in you?” (v.6)

But then the poet’s lament and waiting moves to anticipation.  Anticipation that uses a wide lens and looks out to an expansive horizon, the time when God’s kingdom will come in its fullness.  The poet anticipates that time when love and faithfulness will meet not in brokenness but beyond it, when righteousness (or justice) and peace will kiss each other.

Over the last week, the focus of our concerns has shifted from the pandemic to issues of racial prejudice, violence and protests, especially as they are occurring in the United States.  It is heart-wrenchingly sad.  It is a time for communal and personal self-examination.  It is a reminder that among our world’s deepest needs is that moment when justice and peace will kiss. 

In the meantime, we pray; we work. We pray; we work - for God’s kingdom to come.

PRAYER ENCOURAGEMENT: This week’s prayer encouragement involves listening to (or joining in to sing) a prayer offered up in the Taize style of worship.  Taize worship music is simple, meditative and purposely repeats just a few lines of text so that the words may be easily memorized for prayer and absorbed into our hearts. 

Today’s song text: The kingdom of God is justice and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Come, Lord, and open in us the gates of your kingdom.

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