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  The LORD appeared to us in the past, saying: "I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.…” 

                                                                         Jeremiah 31:3

 This past week a member of the congregation asked me a question regarding the tour of Egypt – Jordan – Israel I had participated in some four years ago.  Among other things, the conversation brought to mind the ring I wear on my right hand that I purchased during the tour.  It is inscribed in Hebrew, in the language of Jeremiah, with the phrase “I have loved you with an everlasting love.”  To be strictly literal, it reads ‘and [with] love everlasting, I love you.’

During this pandemic, we might find ourselves so wrapped up in the changes and the stressors which it has imposed on us that we forget the basic truth that we are lovedWe are loved not just with a human love -which can be wonderfully and joyfully reassuring in its own right, but even more marvelous; we are targets of divine love in Jesus Christ.  That love stands with the God who spoke to Jeremiah and communicated to the prophet and the people a love that never ends.  With an everlasting love, I love you.

As we continue to move forward, let’s do our best to set aside whatever distracts us so that we can focus on the power and the joy of being loved with an everlasting love by the One who has created and renews all things.  Of course, as followers of Jesus, we want to do so much more, desiring not only to be receivers but communicators of that everlasting love. 

Especially during these times, it’s what everyone needs. 

PRAYER ENCOURAGEMENT: O God, it amazes us that you pour out your love upon us.  It amazes us that this love is without end, everlasting.  It amazes us most that we may see this love in Jesus Christ …and then share it.  Shower us with your love through Jesus Christ, AMEN.

Click on the following link for the song “The Love of Christ” offered by the artist collective “Indelible Grace” ….