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“Heard” - August 19, 2020

 “God heard their groaning and he remembered his covenant…” 

                                                                         Exodus 2:24

There is a set of designated Bible readings referred to as the lectionary which is followed by Christians around the world.  For this week, the Old Testament readings come from the early chapters of book of Exodus.  The story starts out with God’s people in crisis.  For example, in an attempt by the insecure Egyptian king to curb the growing slave population, more and more work is demanded of them.  Then, appallingly, the king tries to further this goal when he demands the murder of all male children. 

Strangely, as the story unfolds, it is told at first in such a way that God hardly seems present.  But there’s a strategic turning point near the end of chapter 2.  It comes by way of the simple phrase “God heard… and remembered.”  It marks the beginning of the rest of the book in which God and his ways of rescue and salvation become front and center.  No more seemingly hidden God.

Many nations around the world are experiencing the weight of crises, from Lebanon to Belarus to Burkina Faso.  Many personal crises affect individuals, from mental and physical illness to strained personal relationships.  All of this compounded by the pandemic.

Whatever crises we undergo, whatever weights and worries that might cause us to groan, we do well to remember that God has heard them and remembers.  Even though we may feel a hiddenness of God, God will appear to rescue and to save. 

Let us keep reminding ourselves that God is indeed at work, hearing and remembering, fulfilling his desire to rescue and save.  May we all look at our lives through that lens. 


PRAYER ENCOURAGEMENT: Dear God, help us to pray not for quick and simple answers but for hope, hope in you, knowing that as the God of promise, you are listening and attentive to the cries of the nations and us.  Help us to read life in the light of your salvation and rescue in Jesus Christ.  In his name, AMEN.

 Here’s link to the song CORNERSTONE which allows you to sing along or to simply read the text: