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“Glory” - July 8, 2020

 “The heavens declare the glory of God;

the skies proclaim the work of his hands.

Day after day they pour forth speech;

 night after night they display knowledge.”

                         Psalm 19:1-2


As we move more deeply into the summer season, we might be experiencing this pandemic and its accompanying restrictions in new ways, unique to the season.  We might not be able to fill the plans we had been dreaming of earlier this year or engage in activities we are accustomed to doing at this time of year.  However, we also don’t want these challenges blocking our vision of the gifts God is still giving us.

In Psalm 19, the poet reminds us of two simple and yet glory-filled gifts God gives us to enjoy.  They are gifts that are available to us despite this pandemic.  One comes via creation.  The gift requires only that we pay attention and listen.  God’s genius and loving speech “pouring forth” from every chirp of the morning birds, the afternoon breeze sweeping through treetops and the glory of expansive and decorated skies, day or night.

The other gift the poet mentions is that of God’s life-nurturing direction and word that we receive in the scriptures as God’s Holy Spirit reveals God’s guidance and love.  This gift “revives the soul,” is “sweeter than honey,” is “more precious than gold.”

The pandemic has been taxing but we want to keep our challenges in perspective on many levels.  We want also to not miss the gifts God is still giving in the beauty of so much that is still available to us.   

PRAYER ENCOURAGEMENT: O God, help us to listen for the declarations of your glory in  your Word, your Spirit, your creation.  We thank you for your greatest gift, your own love and presence with us, shown so clearly in Jesus.  In his name, AMEN.


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