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“Give Thanks”

            “I give you thanks, O Lord, with all my heart.”   Psalm 138:1  (NLT)

This week someone sent me a New York Times article entitled, “An ‘Awe Walk’ Might Do Wonders for Your Well-Being.” The article claims that people who regularly take a fresh look at the objects, moments, people and vistas around them generally display better mental and physical health.  It seems that people who cultivate a sense of awe in their lives improve their overall state of well-being.

The poets in the Old Testament lead the way in taking a fresh look at everything around us, including our Creator.  To be sure, the poets are realists; that’s why there are so many psalms of lament.  But the poets still often manage a word of praise and thanks to God for good gifts they have uncovered, even in the midst of hard times. 

Psalm 138 is one of several poems in scripture that calls us to give thanks and offer praise to God even though it is obvious that the poet is writing out of a context of recent or current crisis.  In order to give thanks, the poets undoubtedly cultivated and nurtured a sense of awe in God’s presence and in God’s work of rescue despite troubling circumstances.

This Thanksgiving, let’s commit to taking a fresh look at life, uncovering many of God’s good gifts -and let’s do our best to live life as an ‘awe walk’ through God’s wonder-filled world! 

PRAYER ENCOURAGEMENT: Dear God, we thank you for Jesus Christ whose life, death and resurrection are truly awe-inspiring.  Help us to live the realistic but open and hope-filled faith of the poets. In the name of Jesus. AMEN.

Through this link listen to Psalm 138 offered by ‘The Psalm Project’