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“Give Thanks”

             O give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures for ever. Let the redeemed of the LORD say so.    Psalm 107:1-2

Almost everyone I know has a friend, a relative or some other acquaintance who lives in the United States.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day for Americans.  Even though our thanksgiving as Canadians seems far back in our rear view mirrors, the taking stock of blessings and giving thanks is still of daily benefit.  In fact, purposely cataloguing our reasons for thanks is yet another one of the recommendations experts have been promoting as a way of coping with the pandemic.    

In Psalm 107, the poet recites an inventory of specifics when giving thanks to God along with his citing of the appropriate responses. We ourselves can imagine the benefits that accrue from keeping such an inventory of God’s gifts on a daily basis.  However, the key item for the poet in his expressions of gratitude is God’s “steadfast love that endures for ever.”  It is that faithful love of God that never quits which is at the center of the poet’s inventory of thanks and it is that same enduring love of God that can be at the center of ours as well. 

 When we celebrated our Thanksgiving in October, our church sign encouraged turning our Thanks-giving into Thanks-living.  It is the unswerving, devoted love of God that can energize and motivate us to turn our gratitude into action on behalf of others.  As we observe our neighbours to the south marking their Thanksgiving Day, we can remind ourselves to ask daily, ‘How can I turn my thanks to God into actions that reflect faithful love to others?’


 PRAYER ENCOURAGEMENT: Dear God, we live each day grateful for your many gifts and your great and faithful love.  We have known and met that love most powerfully and abundantly in the person of Jesus.  Help us to imitate Jesus daily.  Thank you, Lord! AMEN.


 Check out the link to the thanksgiving song We Gather Together... by THE HYMNS ENSEMBLE –"Lockdown Session"