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Bethel Church is a C.A.P. Church

Congregational Assistance Plan - Shalem Mental Health Network

It takes courage to seek counselling.  Bethel church has partnered with Shalem Mental Health Network to offer counselling services through the Congregational Assistance Plan.  C.A.P. is an anonymous, confidential, professional, free counselling service, offering much needed support, coping mechanisms and fresh, hopeful insight into crisis or conflict, all from a faith-based perspective.  

You might seek counselling if:

  • Difficulty has arisen in your family or relationship – and you need support and solutions
  • You’re experiencing a personal crisis that you are not able to manage with current coping strategies
  • You are experiencing low motivation
  • You feel stuck or trapped by your circumstances
  • You feel hopeless or anxious, overwhelmed
  • You feel isolated
  • You get panicky for no apparent reason
  • You become angry and over-react in an area of your life
  • You’re worried about your loved one’s misuse of alcohol or drugs
For information about Shalem Mental Health counselling services, click here to view their brochure.

Click Here to contact Bethel Church and inquire about counselling.

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Shalem Mental Health Network


To learn more about the services offered by the Shalem Mental Health Network, visit their website at