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  • Apr16Fri

    Zoom course

    April 16, 2021

    This past week I completed the first half of the online course on transition and change in congregations and parishes that I referenced in a previous endnotes.  This coming week I am set to complete the second half.  It has been a wonderful experience so far, taking in the course material, being involved in small group discussions and simply meeting the other participants who are there from all over North America and several different kinds of congregations and denominations.  There are even a few West Coasters who need to get up three hours earlier than most of the rest of us.  One significant challenge for everyone  -whether participant or instructor, has been spending 8 hours a day (9-5) interacting online via Zoom in learning and teaching.

                We are covering a lot of curriculum through readings, videos and discussion in ‘break-out rooms.’  Of course, the importance of understanding one’s self as well as understanding one’s congregation or parish as a group is a frequent theme that comes forward.  We have been given several lenses through which to try to gain that understanding.  It feels a little like standing in a store and trying on several different kinds of sunglasses, each giving a slightly different view of the world but each helpful.  I look forward to week two, this week!  -EGN

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