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  • Feb21Fri


    February 21, 2020

    Another meeting of the Argyle Basic Needs group took place this past Thursday.  The group of faith communities and social organizations began about 7 years ago.  In the group's early years, we concentrated most of our attention on food insecurity issues but more recently we have expanded our vision to include other basic needs that affect the well-being of citizens in East London and specifically the Argyle neighbourhood.  As well as our reviewing a standard list of activities, our latest meeting included a presentation by Jamie Lee Arseneau who is the Community Engagement Coordinator for YOUTH OPPORTUNITIES UNLIMITED (YOU) in the city of London.  YOU is a non-profit organization that tries to provide a caring, active place for youth to build skills, confidence and independence.  The organization helps youth through three main areas: transitions, careers and enterprise. 

    Lately, you may have noticed YOU; they are building on Clarke Road between Oxford and Dundas.  The Housing First Youth Shelter is set to be completed by May and hopes to host an Open House for the public in June before YOU starts populating the facility.  This shelter will aim to help disadvantaged youth to change the cycle of homeless in their lives and lead them to long-term housing stability.  Once YOU begins populating the building, there will be many ways churches and volunteers may be of service: in meal preparation, provision of basic needs donations and in the filling of other service roles.  Although the facility is not quite complete, the future YOU shelter may provide yet another avenue for us at Bethel to show the love of Christ to our neighbour.   -EGN