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  • Aug14Fri

    Youth, Faith and Mental Health

    August 14, 2020
    This past week Thursday, I was part of a Zoom conversation sponsored by Vibrant Congregations (which is a joint endeavor by the RCA and CRC to assist churches in discerning the best partner organizations to connect with to take fresh steps in ministry and mission).  The title of this online event was “Faith in an Anxious World” and had a particular focus on mental health, most specifically youth.  The main facilitator was Dr. Kara Powell, who has been instrumental in two important books “Growing Young” and “Growing With.”  This second book is especially valuable in these times as it focuses on spiritual growth and development in the home and everyday life.  If you are a parent or a grandparent (grandparents, you can gift it to your adult children!), the perspectives are invaluable for nurturing faith and spirituality in youth.

    Part one of the presentation dealt with the reasons we are seeing so much anxiety among youth in our times, even pre-pandemic.  Of course, there are complexities added to these issues by the pandemic.  The presentation’s second part dealt with some steps and ways of responding to anxiety and mental health issues in this time.  Two important responses are
    1. to simply “ask” (‘how would you rate your level of anxiety right now?’) and
    2. “empathize and empower” (say, ‘that stinks … you can handle it.’).  
    Of course, there were other responses and all more fully explained but those two are basic.  If you are interested in learning more about youth, faith and mental health, you can go to and move about on the following link at the Fuller Youth Institute (at which Kara Powell is on staff).    -EGN


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