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  • Feb1Fri

    Wisdom from the Worship Symposium

    February 1, 2019

    Last week I had the privilege of attending the 2019 Calvin Symposium on Worship held at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. As per usual, it was a wonderfully inspiring time of worship, learning, and interaction with over 1,400 other worship and church leaders from all over the world.  I attended 5 worship services, 2 public plenary sessions, and 7 seminars or workshops.  There was and is always a lot to learn about worship and being the church in the 21st  century! Over the next several endnotes installments, I hope to share in compact form some perspectives and wisdom gleaned from the symposium.  

     The first instalment is this:  One theme   present in a number of workshops had to do with generational trends, addressing the reality that we have many generations together in churches and in worship, each generation exhibiting differing characteristics, preferences, expectations and  habits. These generations are given names like Baby Boomers (people born between 1944 and 1964), pre-Boomers (born before 1944), Generation X (1965-1979), the Millennials (1980-1994), and Generation Z (born after 1995).   One workshop spoke of how often people complain about the differences between generations but suggested that a better way is to speak of the unique and particular strengths each generation brings and celebrate and honor those strengths as gifts to each other.  Just this past week during a visit with a senior, the person expressed their love for the young generations we do have, “I’m so proud of them and proud of what they all do.”  That seems exactly right to me!   -EGN