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  • Previously, I had mentioned attending the 2019 Calvin Symposium on Worship held at Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. in January and my hopes of sharing some perspectives and wisdom gleaned from the symposium.  One of the goals of the symposium is to help worship leaders to be informed more fully about the cultural context in which they lead worship.  Being more fully informed in this way helps us to understand the people who may attend worship in our churches and whom the Christian church is attempting to reach with the gospel.  One of the presenters that contributed to that understanding is Matthew Kaemingk who (a professor of Christian ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary) led a workshops on the growing population of immigrants including those of Muslim origin.  One of his insights is that all too easily we grab our overall perspectives from extreme positions through the media from the political right or political left, failing to build carefully our perspectives from a distinctively Christian point of view and starting point.  Matthew Kaemingk has written a book entitled CHRISTIAN HOSPITALITY AND MUSLIM IMMIGRATION IN AN AGE OF FEAR in which he lays out some of his thinking.  Of course, his name can be searched online as well for video, audio and written pieces regarding this theme and others.  - EGN

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