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  • May7Tue

    Walking Alongside

    Youth and Mental Health May 7, 2019

    Last Saturday 4 Bethel members were in attendance at the WALKING ALONGSIDE conference sponsored by the Disability Concerns ministry of the CRCNA.  It was held at the Westdale Reformed Church in Hamilton.  The  sessions   included themes of youth and addictions, youth and depression, suicide among youth and the place and use of social media.  Each of the speakers provided some outstanding insights connected to their fields of expertise and came together for a final session in a panel discussion and question-and-answer period. 

    As the event’s title suggests when it comes to mental illness among youth but also mental illness in the general population, our first response needs to be one of ‘walking alongside’ the person who is struggling.  As one speaker put it, ‘If the phrase ‘I love you’ constitutes the three most important words, then the next four most important words are “I’m here for you.”’ -EGN

    P.S. If you struggle with mental health issues, please know that  Bethel CRC is a C.A.P. Church. C.A.P. is an anonymous, confidential, professional counselling service through Shalem Mental Health. There is no cost to you to use CAP. Information cards are available at the welcome desk in the foyer.