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  • Jun11Fri

    Using the prayers of others

    June 11, 2021

    In a couple of Bethel church meetings this past week, I encouraged the use of a newly published book of daily prayers written by Cornelius Plantinga (President emeritus of Calvin Theological Seminary). He promotes the value of using prayers written by others and offers a whole month of morning and evening prayers he himself has composed.

    While some people may suggest that the Spirit only works through spontaneous prayers, Plantinga bristles at that idea. He firmly believes that the Spirit works in all circumstances, including in prayers which are well thought out in a study before being delivered and those prayers of others that we may use for ourselves.

    In his introduction to the book, Plantinga offers four reasons for using the prayers of another. First, listening to and using the words of another pray-er can broaden our prayer life, jog us out of rut and help us to pray for things we might not have thought of. Second, using another’s written prayer may help us to keep praying through those seasons when we might feel spiritually dry or depressed. Third, we may sometimes undergo something so traumatic and overwhelming that our prayers are silenced; in such a crisis moment, someone else’s prayers read aloud can stand in for ours. (When I think of some of the trauma our family has endured, it is something I can attest to personally). Finally, using the written prayers of others can be a wonderful means of joining the ‘chorus of witnesses’ of all times and places. It can create a deep sense of connection between us and other Christians all over the world to know that others are using the same words and petitions in their prayers that we are in ours. As alluded to earlier, the book “Morning and Evening” contains a morning and evening prayer for each day of the month and a special set of morning and evening prayer for Sundays, the traditional day of worship.   - EGN

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