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  • Apr6Fri

    The World and Our Calling

    Lecture at Redeemer University April 6, 2018

    This past Wednesday evening (April 4, 2018) I was able to attend the annual WORLD AND OUR CALLING lecture at Redeemer University-College given by Dr. Jessica Hooten Wilson.  The lecture related the importance of looking to saints, to other followers of Jesus Christ rather than our currently popular super-heroes.  As much as the super-heroes display admirable qualities, it is the less popular, long obedience in the same direction in the life of true saints that leads us to the way of Christ.  The following is a helpful summary of the lecture’s emphasis:

    What kind of life do you want to live? When we answer this question, we consider those lives who we desire to emulate — our great grandfather, the geniuses and victors of the past, or the heroes of the stories we read and watch. We are made to model, to live our own story in imitation of others. By God’s design, this ideal is Jesus. We are to “follow Him.” The stories that we inhabit either aid or hinder our characters in their transformation towards this end. While the world uplifts the story of the hero — such as Achilles or Captain America — the better story is that of the saint’s life. Although these stories are not always in conflict, the tales of the saint supersede those of the hero because they better prepare us for imitatio Christi.”   

    As followers of Jesus we want to remain aware of how and by what we are influenced in our lives.  Evaluating who we emulate and the stories we celebrate is a significant piece of building that awareness.