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  • Sep6Fri

    The Story Begins!

    September 6, 2019

    Today we are beginning our season long journey through the Bible using THE STORY.  Hopefully, our study will help us to do what the Bible in one way or another frequently encourages us to do, namely to meditate on the word of God. (see Psalms 48, 63, 77, 119, 145 and others).

    Eugene Peterson, a biblical scholar living in the foothills of Montana, once wrote about his dog.  Every so often his dog would come in from the forest with a bone.  The dog would come to where Peterson was sitting on the deck.  At first the dog would kind of show off his prize but then would go off on his own, chewing that bone, wrestling with that bone, spending all kinds of time with that bone. 

    Peterson still on the deck could hear the dog from a distance, “low throaty rumbles of pleasure as he gnawed and enjoyed and savoured his prize…” (see E.Peterson, EAT THIS BOOK)

    As a biblical scholar, Peterson had been reading in Hebrew the book of Isaiah, particularly chapter 31:4 “…as a young lion growls over his prey.”

    He excitedly discovered that the Hebrew word  הָגָה  pronounced  /hagah/ is the same word used most often in the Psalms for the word, meditate.

    To really meditate on God’s word and God’s law and his promises and his works and on God himself, we have to be a little bit like Peterson’s dog.  We have /hagah/, we have to spend significant time with God’s Word, gnawing and savouring and taking in whatever God is revealing to us in his word and his works and his promises.  We do well to spend time absorbing and taking in, tasting and seeing that the Lord is God.

    I pray that our time this season going through THE STORY will give us plenty of time to deeply meditate on the God revealed to us in the Word of God, the Bible.