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  • Throughout Lent 2020 we have been considering suggestions of a habit, practice or discipline to incorporate into the coming week (based on “Spiritual Disciplines Handbook: Practices That Transform Us” by Adele Ahlberg Calhoun).

    The practice suggested for this last Sunday of Lent is called “Meditation” and comes from the book’s section entitled HEAR GOD’S WORD. Calhoun writes, “Meditation is a long, ardent gaze at God, his work and his Word. Slowing down and giving one’s undivided attention to God lies at the core of Christian meditation.” We read God’s book of creation and nature (to use the terminology of the Belgic Confession) and of course, we read God’s Word.

    Since today is Passion Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week, let’s follow this suggested reading pattern below, taking our time to slow down and meditate on each of the passages for each day. What a meaningful opportunity to once again contemplate Jesus’ journey to the cross and his ultimate rescue of the world!


    * Palm Sunday: Matthew 21,

    * Monday: Matthew 22,

    * Tuesday: Matthew 23,

    * Wednesday: Matthew 24–25 (We might end up calling this “End Times Wednesday”!),

    * Maundy Thursday: Matthew 26,

    * Good Friday: Matthew 27

    * Easter Sunday: Matthew 28.

    It might be especially helpful early in the week to imagine Jesus growing closer and closer to the cross as this week progresses. In any case, take the time all week to mull and ruminate over God’s Word as a way of practicing the discipline of Christian meditation.      – EGN

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