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  • Dec8Fri

    The Advent Conspiracy

    December 8, 2017 Pastor Eric Groot-Nibbelink

    Several years ago, six pastors in the US got together and created something called The Advent Conspiracy.  It became a movement which caught on quickly and spread all over North America.

    Generally, the word conspiracy has a negative connotation but sometimes it can be given a positive spin. The word is also usually associated with a plan which turns the way things are upside down, especially let’s say in how things are among people, how they are organized or relate together.  Additionally, conspiracies are mostly underground, hidden, behind the scenes.  It’s part of how they work.

    The Advent Conspiracy aims to turn upside down what we see happening around us.  It is meant to act as a kind of push back to the fact that our Decembers can be so dominated by consumerism, consumption and obsession with all the distractions and stress around us; leaving little space, time and quiet for meditation, reflection or the cultivating of hearts of expectation, anticipating the great love of Jesus.

    The Advent Conspiracy encourages people to go underground and do four things:  worship fully, spend less, give more and love all.

    You want to turn things upside, give your heart fully in worship, whether in church or in personal times of worship.  You want to be part of the conspiracy then of course spend less.  Spend less on the frivolous and the unnecessary and instead do the third thing which is give more -starting with yourself, give more of yourself but then go on to give things like items from the deacons giving tree.

    And finally, of course love more.  Love your family more.  Love your siblings more.  Love your neighbour more, your coworker, people in need, people you don’t even know but you’ve heard about their need.

    The Advent Conspiracy; it’s worth joining! -EGN