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  • Sep21Fri

    The 6-8 Word Challenge

    September 21, 2018 Pastor Eric Groot-Nibbelink


    Last Sunday we enjoyed our launch or kickoff Sunday celebration and barbeque lunch.  Thanks to everyone who helped by making the whole Sunday a wonderful day – special thanks to all those who brought, organized and prepared the food indoors (and outdoors); thanks to all those who served and thanks to all those who helped clean up!  It was awesome!

    Also during the service last week, we were given a challenge -come up with 6 to 8 words! 

    We had reflected on two Bible passages:  First, Mark 5: the story of the healed man going back to his friends and community to tell them what God had done for him.  Second, 1 Peter 3:15: the call to be prepared to say something about that reason for our hope.  Then, the challenge: come up with 6 to 8 words; 6 to 8 (or 10) words that summarize what you believe OR 6-8 words that say something basic about who you are or what your life is about because of Jesus.

    We borrowed the idea from another church that said that the practice “was to help people to clarify their thoughts, to creatively reflect on what they believe, to think about what gives a person meaning as they live through each day.  Words that might fill your heart as well as your mind…” (Ann Arbor CRC newsletter, October 2014)

    Some examples might be:

    “Loving God, Serving People.”

    A simple Bible verse: “God is for us” (Rom.8.31)

    Or two biblical concepts together:

    “…Saved by Jesus, blessed to bless.”

    “Love God, love neighbour, all grace.”

    Or six separate words:

    “Grace, joy, love, celebration, welcome, mission.”

    I offered my own 6-8-er, using what I consider one of my life verses: “See to it that no one misses the grace of God..” (Hebrews 12:15)  Of course, I’m not perfect but that’s what I’m trying to make my life about.


    6-8 words. That’s the challenge. 

    What are your 6-8 words? 

    p.s. If you have your words, you may pass them along to the church office to be posted on the church’s Facebook page.  OR:  Worship Planning Team is in discussion about a monthly testimony time; maybe keep them to share your words during one of those opportunities.  OR: simply keep the words to yourself, just complete the challenge!                        - EGN