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  • Aug9Fri

    Summer Opportunities

    August 9, 2019

    Summertime continues this month, of course, but it sure does seem to be true that if you blink twice, it will be over! 

        Besides, enjoying some vacation weeks and family days, I’ve been able to attend a couple of professional development opportunities this summer.  The first was in July and entitled “THE BOWED HEAD: How the Preacher Deals with Grief”  held at Calvin Seminary.  We were a group of about 20 pastors, about 4 of us being Christian Reformed and the others rooted in various other Canadian and American denominations.  There was lots of room for discussion as we examined and turned over various quotes from three books we read, A GRIEF OBSERVED by C.S.Lewis, A GRACE DISGUISED by Gerry Sittser and EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON (AND OTHER LIES I’VE LOVED) by Kate Bowler.  There was also much sharing of experiences of walking alongside others in grief and loss, as well as stories of personal grief. 

        The other main opportunity I was able to participate in was the INSPIRE 2019 CRC conference held in Windsor August 1-3.  There are several wonderfully written accounts -especially of the main speakers’ presentations.  I encourage you to seek those out and read them as each speaker spoke powerfully and with conviction in their own way.  You can find three of the best presentations here:

    Hopefully there’s enough of summer left to read and thoughtfully reflect on them!!