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  • Mar6Tue

    Book Study

    March 6, 2018 Pastor Eric Groot-Nibbelink

    This past Tuesday I hosted another book study at Bethel Church for colleagues of Classis Chatham. We read and studied together the book Stations of the Heart (2013) (subtitled Parting with a Son) by Richard Lischer.  It is a kind of memoir combined with reflections on grief.  The author who has taught for more than 30 years at Duke University’s Divinity School lost his 33 year old son to cancer in 2006. Although Lischer is a theology professor, the book has many passages that are more than accessible for anyone.  The book was written about 7 years after his son’s passing and offers honest but moving reflections on losing an adult child to death.  As our group discussed the book, several people commented on how powerful an experience it was to walk alongside this author as he describes an almost inevitable journey toward his son’s death and his looking back on it several years later.  A few of us confessed to interrupting our reading and putting the book down for a bit because of its intensity but simultaneously being drawn back to it to continue.  Our discussion also afforded us some opportunities to do some meaningful personal sharing on grief. This book adds additional insight on grief to similarly powerful books like Jerry Sittser’s, A Grace Disguised (2004) and Nicholas Wolterstorff’s, A Lament for a Son. (1986).   It is worth the read if you are up to it! -EGN