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  • May27Thu

    Sole to Soul

    May 27, 2021

    I realize that some of us are sometimes feeling hamstrung in trying to do our work meaningfully during pandemic restrictions. I know a few CRCNA colleagues in the province have communicated that sentiment to me more than once during this pandemic. I’m sure you as church members feel that also. But there are still possibilities for serving God and neighbour with the gospel in the world -in prayer, in words, in actions. The deacons have done some good work in keeping us in touch with such possibilities. I’d like to underline one opportunity that some of you may have already seen via the Bethel Facebook “Share and Prayer” group. It is the community shoe drive, also known as “Sole to Soul.” Despite the change of seasons, some people in our city are still wearing only footwear more appropriate to winter, walking or running shoes would be better—and healthier. If you’d like to contribute, check out the post on Facebook OR if you have walking or running shoes to donate (women’s size 8-11 or men’s 8-12) the Beldmans are willing to drop them off at an appropriate location if you get the shoe donations to them. - EGN

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