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  • Dec14Thu

    Servants & Fools, Alpha & Advent

    December 14, 2017 Pastor Eric Groot-Nibbelink

    In late November, I hosted another book study at Bethel Church with the pastors of Classis Chatham (our denominational region).  The book we read in preparation for our discussion is entitled, 'Servants and Fools: A Biblical Theology of Leadership' by Arthur Boers. 

    One of the unique and especially profitable dynamics of this particular book study was that (due to a personal connection to London), the author himself attended the discussion!  The book was a challenging read, reviewing a lot of biblical material and asking whether the church has superficially baptized popular leadership definitions and measurements from our culture, including the glamourizing of celebrity leaders. 

    A real encouragement was the chapter entitled “Spheres of Salt and Light” with its emphasis that EVERYONE CAN LEAD in whatever role a person might play in a church or organization or life.  It’s not just the visible and public roles but the behind-the-scenes ones in which leadership is shown.  The author spoke of a receptionist at a seminary at which he taught who exercised a great deal of leadership for the seminary by the way she fulfilled her role. 

    I was thinking about this study again as our fall ALPHA program was coming to a close and how much leadership was exercised by ALL those involved in making the program a reality at Bethel, from upfront and organizational roles to welcoming, kitchen, setup, cleanup, prayer, technology and other roles.  The salt and light of the kingdom of Jesus was evident everywhere, demonstrating the influence and impact of servant leadership. Thanks to everyone connected to ALPHA for all your efforts in exercising servant leadership and -as Christmas and advent makes so clear -imitating our Lord Jesus!!