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  • Apr23Fri

    Seeing people through different lenses

    April 23, 2021

    This past week I completed the second half of the online course on dealing with transition and change in congregations and parishes. Although all of us as participants (from all over North America and a wide-range of faith traditions) would have much rather been able to be together in person, we managed to gain much through interacting via our 9 am -5 pm sessions interacting online using Zoom. It gave us a something of a taste of what our students are doing.

    Last week I mentioned the fact that we were being given many lenses through which to view and understand communities of people, observing how they function and interact with one other. Many of my classmates referred to this course as a “toolbox”, offering various tools by which participants would be able to renew themselves in their daily callings and leadership roles.

    This past week, an especially useful tool came by way of our viewing a short video entitled “The Danger of A Single Story.” The video’s presenter (originally from Nigeria)
    describes how bias, making assumptions and stereotyping limits our view of others and are in fact destructive. Too often we tend to see people through the lens of only one story. As an African woman who came to study in North America, she felt that stereotyping acutely. Using only a single story often leads to manipulation and being dismissive of others. The video generated an incredibly insightful discussion for our group, as we applied this thinking to individuals and communities. The fact is that there are many human stories that make up a person or a community, even as we live out our lives as God’s image-bearers within the divine over-arching story of God and his love in Jesus Christ. -EGN

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