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  • Jul13Fri

    Refreshing our Listening

    The Discipline of Guidance July 13, 2018 Pastor Eric Groot-Nibbelink

    Some practices to help to refresh our listening to God…

    (based loosely on suggestions of V.E.Hess in THE SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINES DEVOTIONAL)

     1. Identify a decision you are facing.  A move?  A change in relationships? A new investment of time or resources? A new job? A surgery?  Then, identify how the decision will impact close family and friends.  Process your decision with that smaller community.

    2. As you pray for discernment about a particular issue, pray for the ability to further God’s love and kingdom by it -for whatever direction you choose.

     3. WITH CHILDREN: Engage children in planning and decision-making processes.  For example: Make a plan to offer your resources as a family (maybe donating part of your time or finances to a worthy cause or ministry).  Model with and for the children ways in you may seek guidance from God through each other, the Christian community, the Bible and listening prayer.