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  • Here are questions and exercises to accompany this week’s online message.

    1. As you begin, say this prayer aloud: “Lord, as I (or ‘we’) study this passage, lead me, guide me, and enlighten me by your Holy Spirit. Help me surrender my heart to you so that I will not use this Word for my purposes but be shaped by it for your purposes. In Jesus name, Amen.”

    2. Have you ever had a moment to ‘meditate’ in the way the Psalmist speak of it? What are those times like for you?

    4. What is a meaningful time of meditation composed of? What conditions or components parts are needed for such a time?

    5. Engage in some of the exercises below this week: (based on suggestions of A. Ahlberg Calhoun, Spiritual Disciplines Handbook)
        A. Meditation on Scripture, the Bible. Take time to meditate on Scripture. Choose a quiet and comfortable place. Do not rush. Stretch, arrange your chair, etc. Place yourself in God’s presence. Release worries and to-do lists. Open your heart. Then read a passage. If you lose focus, be patient and come back to it. Suggestions for reading may include Psalm 139, Psalm 86, Psalm 42. As you read, see what words or phrases or ideas “light up” for you. Take time to reflect, feel and understand those special lights. Why might they be speaking to you? Try to absorb and let the words sink in.
        B. Meditation on God’s Creation: Take a walk in nature, meditating on the handiwork of God. Again, don’t rush. Try to focus and be at peace. Know that God is with you. Go slowly enough to notice the detail of God’s work in creation. Later, read a psalm or other Scripture passage that highlights God’s power, love and genius in creation. “Consider the birds of the air …”
        C. Meditate on God’s Work in Human Life: Take unhurried time and use a suitable physical space. Again this exercise can be informed by a Bible reading before or after. Meditate on how God has worked in the lives of individuals through the ages. How is or has he worked in the lives of those close to you? In your life? In current events? Listen to what this kind of meditation guided by God’s Spirit can teach you.   —EGN

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