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  • Jun18Fri

    Read discerningly

    June 18, 2021

    We know that opportunities for reading and learning that come our way online seem endless.  It is a gift but it is one of those gifts that is both a blessing and a curse.  It is a blessing to have so much solid information at our finger tips that helps us do anything from identifying precisely the kind of hummingbird we just saw in the backyard to discovering how to replace a part on our washing machine.  It is a blessing to have our understandings deepened by a well-written online news articles or our joy peaked through an artfully told story. But all these opportunities for online reading are also a curse.  We need to be careful in what we read and how we read it.  We need to be aware that things may be more complex than what is being described in just a few hundred words.  We may need to go in-depth (reading a whole book for example) to truly understand a topic or theme. We need to discern not just whether we agree with the author but whether the source of the information being used is reliable.  We need to try to get a sense of the spirit and intention and agenda of whatever piece we are reading.  We need to keep our heads on straight and read together gracefully and discerningly.  Especially as followers of Jesus, we need to live (and think and read) in ways that follow the path of love and a love for grace and truth with humility.  We live in imitation of Jesus and by exemplifying the fruits of the spirit. HWJRT.  How would Jesus read this?  - EGN