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  • Sep11Fri

    Prayers for Rohingya people

    September 11, 2020
    Last week I mentioned Pope Francis declaring a day of prayer for the country of Lebanon in advance of his trip there. I also suggested that on our own we could declare a day of personal prayer, for our own designated area of personal, community or world concern.

    When we think of global issues, another community of people in dire need of our prayers and our prophetic voice and action are the Rohingya people. They have been described by UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres as one of, if not the, most discriminated people in the world”; and are one of Myanmars many ethnic minorities. (BBC news). You may have seen several news clips over the last few years of overcrowded boats barely afloat as Rohingya people try to escape violence and genocide in their own country. Many Rohingya have also escaped to Bangladesh and refugee camps there. Just this week hundreds ended up on a beach in Indonesia after several months at sea.The Rohingya people in their desperation, definitely also a concern which is worthy of our declaring a day of prayer. -EGN