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  • Jun5Fri

    Pentecost Sunday 2020

    June 5, 2020
    Today is Pentecost Sunday. We celebrate that the fullness of God’s Spirit was poured down on to the early church in abundance. In the church calendar, Pentecost arrives ten days after the celebration of Jesus’ ascension and fifty days after Easter. It coincides with the Jewish festival called the Feast of Weeks, a time when people were drawn from many nations to Jerusalem.

    The WORSHIP SOURCEBOOK (Faith Alive) states: “In
    celebrating Pentecost, the church expresses its gratitude for the faithfulness of Christ in fulfilling his promise to send “another counselor” (John 14:16); celebrates the work of the Spirit in renewing all of creation; professes its confidence and security in knowing the Spirit’s power is available for its mission; and grows in awareness of the immensity of its calling to reach the world with the gospel.”(p.693)

    During Covid-19 we remain apart on Sundays, unable to mark in ways we were accustomed to special days like Pentecost. However, we can still challenge ourselves to find small but meaningful ways of worshiping and celebrating God’s love and presence. The church colour most often used for Pentecost is RED, representing the flames described in Acts 2:3. Here is a suggestion: Find a piece of cloth that is red (or orange or yellow, also symbolizing flames) and hang it out or drape it over a chair. If you put the cloth out this Sunday and leave it there for a few weeks, it can serve as a reminder that it is Pentecost Sunday today and we are journeying through the season of the Spirit.   - EGN

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