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  • Jan11Fri

    Pastor's January 2019 Newsletter

    January 11, 2019 Pastor Eric Groot-Nibbelink

    Dear Bethel members,

    Blessings to you all as we begin a new year in God’s grace and service!  I’m writing this brief note as another way of keeping in touch and specifically now to highlight and encourage you in three challenges.

    1.   Memorizing a Psalm.  Last fall we committed to memorizing Psalm 100, which we recited together on the Sunday celebrating our 50 years
          of existence as Bethel Church.  As a follow-up psalm memorization project, I’m suggesting that we memorize Psalm 121 and aim for March
          3, 2019 as the Sunday we recite it together!  A great opportunity to memorize scripture with your children as a family - or with

    2.  6-8 Word Challenge and Sharing.  What 6-8 words are most meaningful in your faith journey?  We have already heard some wonderful
         testimonies from those who have shared their 6-8 words.  If you have chosen your words or phrase or Bible verse, I encourage you to share
         them with someone else and of course, if you are able, please contact me about sharing them on a Sunday during worship in this new year.

    3.  dNa Groups.  Once again, if you haven’t already, I challenge you in this new year to create a small group for sharing life and faith in
         Christian community.  The key letter in dNa is the N which stands for Nurture.  A small group is a wonderful way in which to be nurtured by
         other followers of Jesus.  Spiritually, emotionally and even physically we can support one another in our journey of faith and service – no
         matter how young or old!  Please note that a more detailed description of dNa groups and their possibilities is available on the welcome
         center kiosk.

    It is my personal prayer that you as an individual, and we as a community, will continue to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ in 2019 (2 Peter 3:18).

    Pastor Eric