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  • Feb12Fri

    Our Journey 2025

    February 12, 2021

    This past week the Administrative Council (AC) met again, reviewing regular and new administrative items. At each meeting, as time permits, AC also attempts to have a regular learning or development moment. Last Tuesday we used that time to update ourselves on the latest vision milestones that the denomination has placed before the congregations and our mutual ministries. You may remember the initiative “Our Journey 2020” around which we here at Bethel created a Saturday morning retreat a few years ago. A newer set of milestones entitled “Our Journey 2025” have been established and were also part of our opening devotions at our Classis Chatham Zoom meeting held last Saturday. These FOUR milestones are formulated as follows:

    As a denomination, we truly feel that God has called us to:

    1. Cultivate practices of prayer and other spiritual disciplines, transforming our lives and communities by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    2.Listen to the voices of every generation, shaping us for ministry together.

    3.Grow in diversity and unity by seeking justice, reconciliation, and welcome, sharing our faith as we build relationships with and honor the cultures of our neighbors and newcomers.

    4.Share the gospel, live it missionally, and plant new churches in our neighborhoods as we discover how to connect with our local and global ministry contexts.

    If you’d like to learn more and watch a video regarding these milestones, simply follow this link:

    - EGN


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