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  • Oct2Fri

    Online gathering of CCNL

    October 2, 2020

    Last week I mentioned another pandemic first: an online classis meeting using ZOOM! Another similar ‘first’ that week was an online gathering of CCNL (Christian Churches Network of London). During the church season, this group meets in person approximately every 6-8 weeks, and incorporates mostly churches and some other distinctly Christian ministries in the city. Besides mutual encouragement and fellowship—including receiving city ministry updates, a CCNL meeting usually involves listening to a guest speaker. On this occasion, we together watched by video, Carey Nieuwhof, a former lawyer but now founding pastor of Connexus Church, which has locations in Barrie, Orillia and Midland, ON.

    The theme of his presentation was ‘seven strategies for leading yourself and your team through a crisis.’ I won’t mention all seven but here are a few. The first was “Cultivate reliable sources of information” The stress was on staying away from inflamed and politicized sources of information and even developing or being a part of a crisis response team which might include, for example, a physician and community leader. Another suggestion: ‘Make sleep, diet and exercise non-negotiable.’ Nieuwhof quoted a line that goes something like, “70% of discipleship is a good night’s sleep.” He also mentioned the importance of cultivating one’s friendships personally and simultaneously carving out time for silence during any given day. Nieuwhof’s last point was simply, ‘Grieve your losses.’ We need to give ourselves permission to name our sadness, noting that grief may come out as anger. So many of the Psalms lead the way in demonstrating permission-giving for grief and lament. Lament is actually one of God’s instruments in bringing us to a place of healing – a place all of us strive for as we respond to a crisis. -EGN

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