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  • May28Tue

    New Life in Each Generation Part II

    Millenials & Generation Z May 28, 2019
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    Pastor's Notes

    In last week’s installment of our NEW LIFE IN EACH GENERATION series we looked at the second church generation, the EMERGING ADULTHOOD generation (ages 14-30).  It is made up of what sociologists refer to as Millennials and Generation Z.

           We remember that these classifications are not an exact science and might not apply to absolutely everyone, but the distinctions are helpful in a general way for understanding each other.  This is especially important in a church and the Christian community where humility, grace and mutual understanding are valued for reflecting the ways of Jesus.  Last week we stressed that a significant dynamic of our times is the fact that the transition from youth to adulthood seems to have been stretched out considerably, compared to even a few decades ago.

    Some of the many characteristics of this second generation in a church include their desire for substance and authenticity, their willingness to tackle the tough questions, their struggle with loneliness and their desire for community, including having older mentors to walk alongside them in a complicated world.  A Christian college chaplain describes this generation also as adaptive and radically hospitable and tolerant, who want to grow alongside of others.  As a church we want to meaningfully engage our emerging adults.  

    In each message of this series, there is so much to communicate that not all can be brought forward adequately in just one message.  My prayer is that we will all continue to keep thinking and learning about each other’s generations well beyond these one-time Sunday messages.