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  • Jan18Sat

    Needs in the community

    January 18, 2020

    This month, one other Bethel member and I attended another Argyle Basic Needs team meeting (occurring about once every 6 weeks). It was yet another meeting in which several needs of our city’s residents were discussed and even agonized over. Obviously, people are in need of the basics for living: food, shelter and clothing. But people in need are also in need of understanding, compassion and community. One need that came to the fore most prominently at our meeting was that of housing, especially affordable housing. Creating greater awareness of that need but also generating willingness, imagining possible strategies and encouraging opportunities are essential for softening that need in the city of London. What can we do? What attitudes are required of us?


    Engaging people in need is certainly one of the prime responsibilities (and privileges!) that we have as ambassadors of Jesus Christ and citizens of God’s kingdom. It’s crucial for our communicating the gospel. The magazine Christianity Today recently ran an article entitled “Jesus Came to Proclaim Good News to the Poor. But Now They’re Leaving Church.” The article talks about how people with the greatest amount of need have become acutely disconnected from community in general but particularly the church.  Maybe an issue to ponder each Sunday as we attend worship. -EGN