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  • Jul16Fri

    Membership Covenant

    July 16, 2021

    I mentioned in last week’s sermon that I’ve started reflecting upon our time together as Bethel Church. Different ministry experiments, learnings, initiatives, worship services and sermons have come to mind as I do this mental review. This week I recalled Bethel’s “membership covenant.” It was developed early in my time here but we even reviewed it several years later. Membership covenants were popular for a time and were to act as reminders of some of the basic commitments we can make together as we serve God in community. Below is the substance of our membership covenant called R.E.N.E.W.; we were encouraged to pin it to our refrigerators.  - EGN


    A Membership Covenant

    I promise to…

    Relate to God and others (Matt.22:37-40; 1Cor.13)

    …regularly take time for prayer and personal devotions

    …personally practice the virtues of Christ and fruits of the Spirit

    …actively demonstrate Christian love to others in church and elsewhere


    Exercise Gifts (1Cor.12:4-6; Eph.4:11-12)

    …use my gifts of time, talents and resources to serve God and others with humility and grace

    …encourage others in the use of their gifts

    …practice overall stewardship willingly and joyfully


    Nurture New Life (2Peter 3:18; Acts 2:46)

    …pray for my Christian community, its leadership and the church’s ministries

    …take responsibility to grow -in community- in my faith

    …encourage others in worship, group study, and spiritual growth


    Extend the Gospel (Matt.28:19-20; Acts 2:46)

    …practice grace-filled hospitality at all times

    …take God-given opportunities to speak of the Christian hope within me

    …pray and support each other’s ministries in reaching out


    Worship God (Rom.12:1; Ps.100)

    …worship God in everything I do

    …be fully present and engaged with God and His Word for communal worship