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  • Nov30Sat

    Meeting the needs of those around us

    November 30, 2019

    Every so often it happens that someone with great need will either phone the church or show up at the church doors, desperately looking for some practical help.  When that happened again this past week, I was once more so grateful for our deacons who are often able to show up in a timely manner and help be the presence of Christ to the person, including providing that proverbial “cup of cold water” by meeting a specific need.  What we might receive in calls or spontaneous visits here at Bethel Church is a very small sampling of the great need of people around us and in our city in general.  Just this week, another member sent me a news story about Beth Emanuel Church on Grey Street and their plans to set up tents on their property and provide temporary accommodations “to help 12-15 homeless men transition to work, education, rehab programs, or any other forward movement plan.”  But not everyone is happy with the church about their initiative, a reminder of some of the complexities of helping (see link below). As even colder weather approaches, we continue to pray for and to seek and to discern God’s wisdom in how we might best be ambassadors of Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, whose arrival to inhospitable accommodations we celebrate in this season.  - EGN

    If you are interested one version of this story, go to ….