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  • Aug28Fri

    LOVE, front and center

    August 28, 2020

    This week in our concentrated reflection on Scripture for Sunday, we are turning again to Romans 12.  As we noted last week, we again will notice just how jam-packed with teaching and insight this scripture selection for the day is.  Again, like the previous section, each one of us would do well to give it a week’s worth of careful and thoughtful rumination and reflection, phrase by phrase.  This week’s passage, consisting of verses 9-21, seems especially needed after viewing two weeks of repeated news segments featuring both American and Canadian political conventions and the formal nominating or choosing of leaders.  This second half of Romans 12 places LOVE front and center, especially in how we relate to others and has pointed implications for how we speak about others or even characterize their words.  No doubt, all of us would love to see all of our public figures practice more of the many loving and life-giving practices of Romans 12.  However, instead of waiting for their lead, we can start with ourselves.  Likely, we will find those pieces ‘easier read, than done.’  But let’s try anyways!    - EGN


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