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  • Oct26Fri

    Into the Neighbourhood

    Thinking Missionally October 26, 2018

    This past week four Bethel members attended the INTO THE NEIGHBOURHOOD workshop held here in London and sponsored by the missional training organization, Forge Canada.  In the new and ever-changing context of life as Christians in North America we were challenged to enhance our way of connecting with our neighbours, being available to be used by God who is already at work in our neighbourhoods.  We were challenged to utilize our imaginations to think ‘missionally’ and cultivate certain practices as we look for opportunities to be the presence of Christ among our neighbours.  One way to capture a flavour of the workshop would be to reread the SURPRISE THE WORLD book that was given out last church season.  In addition you can check out the FORGE missional training website, found here:

          Finally, feel free to speak with any one of the Bethel attendees, Grace Brus, Rose Skinner, Henry Kooy or myself for more impressions of the conference.         -EGN