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  • Jan22Fri

    In control

    January 22, 2021

    Just recently someone commented to me that if there was ever a time for a snowmageddon or snowpocalypse moment, it should be this winter or during this latest lockdown. I thought that vision for the weather was not a bad idea! Of course, as we all know we have no control over such things, just as we have relearned pointedly during this pandemic that no matter how much we desire otherwise, we have such little control.

    This week in our High School Church Education ZOOM class, our set of readings focussed on the term “providence” which refers to “the care God shows for his creation.” We learned that it is in the exercise of his providence that “God preserves the world, rescues his people, works for good and controls history.” That means that ultimately with the poet in Psalm 31, we confess to God ‘our futures are in your hands.’ We do not have ultimate control, only God is tasked with that responsibility. To speak of HOW God exercises that responsibility or WHY certain circumstances come to be in our experience is not to be done without great care, humility and nuance, if to be done at all. More often than not, any speculation on such matters are far beyond our capabilities.

    However, what is within our capabilities is trust and faith. We trust that God is good and his goodness in Christ will overcome all our  circumstances and all our fears of not being “in control.” We trust that God offers goodness in all things, as the old hymn text says, “Summer
    and winter and springtime and harvest; sun, moon and stars in their courses above join with all nature in manifold witness to [God’s] great faithfulness, mercy and love.”

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