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  • Jan16Sat

    Hallowed Be Your Name

    January 16, 2021
    As you might have read elsewhere in the church bulletin, in our worship we are making our way through a newer series of messages. Its based on the prayer Jesus taught, known as the Lords Prayer. Weve given the series the title: Upside Down Prayer in a Side-ways World.This prayer that Jesus taught would have been considered upside down or unconventional in his day and probably still fits that label in our day. As for our world feeling that its been standing on its side lately... well, that seems self-explanatory.

    A very old summary of Bible teachings known as the Heidelberg Catechism includes a whole segment devoted to teaching the meaning of the Lords Prayer. Each answerin this segment is actually a prayer (see the example below). A great exercise to go through if you have the time is to isolate each answerand read them aloud together consecutively. In doing so you will have created a new complete prayer that parallels the Lords prayer. If youd like to try this exercise go to the this link  Be sure to scroll almost all the way down to near the end of the link and look for something called Lords Day 45” to begin.

    Heres an illustration of this weeks prayer that parallels the line of the prayer we are studying this week.(It is from LORD'S DAY 47, Question # 122)

    "Hallowed be your name" means:
    Help us to real
    ly know you,
    to bless, worship, and praise you
    for all your
    and for all that shines forth from them:
    your al
    mighty power, wisdom, kindness,
    justice, mercy, and

    And it means,
    Help us to direct all our living -
    we think, say, and do -
    so that your name will never be
    blasphemed because of us
    but always honored and
    praised.  -EGN

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