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  • Jan19Fri

    Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations

    Passionate Worship January 19, 2018 Pastor Eric Groot-Nibbelink

    A much loved hymn imagines what it might be like to stand in the throne room of God, before the King of the whole universe and his awe-inspiring glory.  The spontaneous result of this encounter: being “lost in wonder, love and praise.” 

    God is glorified by our worship.  We have been made to worship.  All peoples, nations and tribes come to know the love, power and wonder of God Almighty as they are drawn into passionate worship. 

    Through worship we give expression to our love for God; through worship we give expression to our devotion to Him and his Kingdom.  Ultimately, our worship reflects our commitment and our desire to love God with the entirety of our life and being; all our heart, soul, mind and strength. 

    Worship is a statement regarding our deepest loyalties and our most basic understandings of the meaning of life.  The prophets also remind us of the profound connection between life, love of neighbour and the authenticity of our worship.

    Robert Schnase writes the following about public worship in community; “Authentic, engaging, life-changing worship derives from the experience of God’s presence, the desire of worshipers for God’s word, and the changed heart people deliberately seek when they encounter Christ in the presence of other Christians.  Worship leaves people challenged, sustained, and led by the Spirit of God, and it changes how they view themselves and their neighbours.  An hour of Passionate Worship changes all the other hours of the week.” -EGN

    If you’d like to engage in more reflection on this theme, check out the following Bible readings:  Psalm 84:1-2, Psalm 100; Isaiah 58:1-11, Rom.11-12.2