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  • Oct24Thu

    Farewell & Thank You

    October 24, 2019

    This past Friday was the last official day for Wendy Sibley as our office  administrator here at Bethel Church.  I, and all of us, will miss her and her service among us a great deal.    Wendy brought a considerable amount of energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and skill to her work.  We are living in a world today of rapid change, which has meant a changing set of expectations and responsibilities for church administrators including here at Bethel Church.  Wendy has done a masterful job of creatively adapting the office here at Bethel to this changing world, particularly through all of her computer and online skills. 

    Thank you Wendy for all your service here at Bethel, the many times of giving extra attention to things big and small and the good cheer, sensitivity and thoughtfulness you brought to the office and to the Bethel Church community in general.  Again, you will be missed!!