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  • Sep4Fri

    Declare a day of Prayer

    September 4, 2020

    This past Wednesday, Pope Francis declared a day of prayer for the country of Lebanon. It was to take place on this past Friday, the day that the pope himself would be visiting Lebanon, a country which has been through so much hardship for a long time and intensely so this summer.

    Pope Francis said, “One month after the tragedy that struck the city of Beirut, my thoughts turn once again to Lebanon and its people, so sorely tried,” He emphasized that the country should not be “abandoned in its solitude” and pointed to a vision that still sees it as a “country of hope.”

    As I reviewed this call from the pope, I thought of the ways in which we as individuals might “declare a day of prayer” and offer personal prayers for a particular global neighbour in need. If we were to make such a declaration (personally or with others), we could go about our daily activities, using pauses and quiet moments in our days to focus prayer on a specific country or region of need. In addition, we can look to the work of a ministry like World Renew which not only calls attention to needs for which we can pray but also gives so many opportunities for us to give and serve. To participate in the special support opportunity for the country of Lebanon, check the World Renew website at this link … or contact one of Bethel’s deacons.

       - EGN


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