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  • Jun3Thu

    Council of Delegates 2021

    June 3, 2021
    Typically, our denomination’s synod (synod = a large meeting of church delegates from all over North America) meets during the month of June. This June is the second
    year in a row that our synod (of the Christian Reformed Church of North America) cannot meet because of the pandemic. Additionally for the second year in a row, meeting in synod’s place is the appointed group of church representatives called the Council of Delegates which is a kind of executive or interim or provisional leadership group of synod. It makes administrative and a few other necessary decisions during the other months of a given year. This year’s special meeting of
    the Council of Delegates will consider matters on synod’s agenda that cannot wait until actions by Synod 2022. For the next week and a half, our church leaders are asking for prayers for strength, renewal, wisdom, and unity leading up to and during the Council of Delegates meeting, which will take place specifically on June 11-12 and 15-16, 2021. Please join in prayer for all of our church leaders who also are experiencing the weight of discernment responsibilities and making decisions without the full complement of delegates from which a regular synod benefits.  - EGN

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