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  • Apr9Fri

    Church education

    April 9, 2021

    PART ONE: This past week we ended our church education session with our senior elementary students and our high school students at Bethel. Most of our sessions were done online via Zoom meetings but although not the same as in-person, we were able to cover, discuss and digest some great biblical and confessional teachings. It is spiritually enriching and faith-deepening to be able to take our core beliefs and apply them to our constantly changing times and culture. A big thank you goes to Steve tB for leading our senior elementary class and to his students for participating so faithfully. Also, a big thank you goes to the high school students who so faithfully participated in my class. It was great to hear some of the keen insights that our students shared as they interacted with core beliefs of our faith.

    PART TWO: Around this time last year, I was looking ahead to taking a 2-week course on ministry transitions and principles for managing change in congregations. Of course, because of the pandemic, that plan was put on hold. However, the course has been recalibrated into an online learning experience and so I will be involved in that coursework for the upcoming next two weeks. I’m praying that the experience will be a good one even if I would have preferred it to be in person. -  EGN


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