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  • Jan31Fri

    Christian Unity

    January 31, 2020

    Last week I wasn’t able to attend the worship service planned for THE WEEK OF CHRISTIAN UNITY 2020 but I was able to attend the lecture entitled “That They May Be One” based on the theme of the High Priestly Prayer of Jesus found in John 17. The speaker was straightforward about obstacles to unity but in the end also hopeful for signs of unity witnessed and signs of unity to be more fully developed in our times. The lecture was part of the KING’S UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Veritas Series for Faith and Culture. There are more lectures to come in the next two months, the first of which is about Jean Vanier, a person who passionately emphasized the fact that each person carries the image of God and ought to be treated as such. The lecture slated for February 13, 2020 will be delivered by Dr. Pamela Cushing who is the founder and coordinator for the Disability Studies degree at King’s. Another lecture, March 13, 2020 features the well-known social activist and author Shane Claiborne who regularly challenges the Christian community to live for Jesus by living like Jesus particularly among the most needy of our societies. Both lectures start at 7 and there is free parking at 266 Epworth Avenue. I’m quite confident anyone attending will be touched by the working of God’s Spirit.                                 -EGN